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1. What is the StarHouse and what is its history?

All Seasons Chalice & The StarHouse were co-founded and constructed by a small group of people dedicated to the principles of Sacred Geometry, Star Wisdom, Sacred Union, Mythical Theatre and Community Ceremony. This beautiful, land-based temple was built between 1989-90. Since then we’ve served as a sacred meeting place for humanity and the Divine as a living temple offering itself to the world in the spirit of trans-denominational spirituality and the unity of all faiths and traditions. We have served spiritual seekers in the Front Range and beyond for over 25 years. Because of this dedication, the place grows in power every year. Many of the art/energy installations around the property focus and amplify this energy.

2. What does the zoning allow for?

The StarHouse property has achieved a significant zoning allowance from Boulder County known as  "Use of Community Significance" and is one of a very few properties in Boulder to have such a distinction. It is defined as an existing use that the Board of County Commissioners determines to have at least two of the following characteristics: historic, cultural, economic, social, or environmental value. Permitted uses include all those connected with what the StarHouse has been doing for years. Other uses would require a Limited Impact Special Review. Parking Requirements would need to be determined through Limited Impact Special Review based on the specific nature of the use and community context. Loading Requirements would be determined through Limited Impact Special Review. This use must meet the criteria outlined in Paragraph 4-602(E) of the Special Provisions of the Boulder County Land-Use Code. This is the  kind of detail that is best explained in person.

3. What other uses or types of groups could hold events on the StarHouse property?

The property would be ideal for a club, group, corporate retreat, private ownership, or private lease. In the past tenants have included schools, religious and spiritual groups, corporations for retreats, and the celestial and seasonal celebrations that have taken place there for 25 years.

4. Could the MorningStar house be used as a Bed & Breakfast?

In order to be considered a bed and breakfast for short term rental usage, the County would require the owners to install a sprinkler fire mitigation system. To install such a system would drastically compromise the current structure and would cost thousands of dollars to install. While anything is possible by application to the County, it would be advised not to consider a B&B as a possible usage option. However, it has been used for multiple renters, which is legal, and has served as excellent backup for the activities of the StarHouse in the past.

5. What about adding more bedrooms to the property?

Would this be allowed and how many people could be accommodated?  Plans for a Fellowship Hall (approved by the County) could add more bedrooms, a commercial kitchen and bathrooms in a two story building that would be located just west of the Waterhouse (the bathroom building near the StarHouse). Other building sites include a Maintenance Shed also on Parcel D (the StarHouse parcel). Parcel A has the right to build a residence. MorningStar could be expanded. The rules are that you can expand your house up to 30% of square feet of the existing house, as we understand those rules (that part is important when working with the County, as rules change and our understanding may not be up to date).

6. What about adding smaller cabins, teepees or yurt type buildings around the property?

We could discuss in person ideas such as these.

7. How big is the property?

The property consists of three 35 acre parcels totaling 105 acres.

8. Could the property be sub-divided and developed?

No. The zoning in this district is now minimum lot sizes of 35 acres (unless pre-existing before 1974). That’s also a reason for the prominence of Nature in this area.

9. What does it cost to rent the StarHouse, Retreat Cabin (both on Parcel D), and MorningStar house?

Rentals were operative when All Seasons Chalice had lease of Parcel D, which ends December 31, 2015. Past that time, we would like to see All Seasons Chalice have a part of the use of the StarHouse, but that has to be negotiated with the new stewards of the property.

10. What types of ceremonies and events take place at the StarHouse?

Celestial and seasonal ceremonies to emphasize the beauty of creation and its rhythms. 

• Full Moons and New Moons, each with a particular theme, opportunities to work with 

the heavens to arouse, strengthen and train one’s inner lights. 

• Equinoxes – equal day and equal night (March 21 and September 21), a seasonal 

phenomenon shared by all people on Earth on those days. 

• Solstices – longest day (June 21) and longest night (December 21), an opportunity to 

celebrate light in its fullness and in its absence. 

• Cross Quarter celebrations, weddings, baby blessings – all the ways that a community comes together to honor the cycles of the year and the seasons of a life.

11. What types of programs are currently active at the StarHouse?

There are several ongoing programs that have made their home at The StarHouse. 

• The Path of the Ceremonial Arts (PCA) – a three-year training in the art of living a sacred life: 

• Dances of Universal Peace – regular practices of dance and chant to bring sacred texts more deeply into the body. 

• StarWisdom – a star-based approach to the intelligence of the heavens. 

• Journey of the Feminine – women explore the archetypes of Feminine Wisdom.

12. Are the house and other buildings being sold furnished? What items are included?

In support of the continuation of the ceremonial use of this powerful land, the house is being sold entirely furnished. Most of the items you see in the house are included with the exception of a few personal items. If a purchase is being considered we are happy to provide a complete list of inclusions and exclusions.

13. What about growing plants on the property?

All three parcels, plus other neighboring parcels, have been certified organic for 28 years. The herbs harvested from wildcrafting on the property are sold to Rebecca's Apothecary. Certification as organic opens up many markets, and there is much more demand for our herbs than we have been able to meet.